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🌟 Unlock Unprecedented Value for Your Association! 🌟


 🚀Imagine increasing member engagement with a new, recurring revenue stream.


What if you could...

  • Unlock a fresh, recurring revenue stream that you can add to your association's offerings?

  • Provide your members an exclusive business-building tool, unavailable anywhere else?

  • Magnify engagement, making your association website an irresistible daily destination for members?


Presenting for Associations isn't just another program. It's a revolution in member value-add. Tailored uniquely for associations like yours and the business intelligence your members care about, supercharges your membership value, empowering members to elevate their businesses like never before.

FAQ: for Associations

New Revenue Source

Reasonable Fee

Easy Set-Up

Training / Education

How can my association boost its revenue with

  1. Very Fast Return on Investment: We collaborate to set a fair annual licensing fee, enabling you to feature a resource on your site that quickly generates a positive return on your investment.

  2. Membership Enhancement: Increase revenue in a way that members are happy to pay because of the immediate business-building value they receive. Implement a slight fee increase, introduce a premium membership tier, or both.

  3. Sponsorship Opportunities: Harness's appeal to attract more sponsors and enhance your revenue. Anything on can be customized, including brands, logos, and content. 

Our commitment? Work alongside you to ensure swift positive ROI within the first few months. Beyond that, enjoy a steady stream of recurring revenue, making a cornerstone of your association's financial growth.

What does a custom setup cost for my association?

Investing in involves an initial customization fee followed by a recurring licensing fee. This ensures your members receive a unique experience, elevating the intrinsic value of their association membership. We adopt a customized pricing strategy because our primary goal is for you to see a positive return on your SearchLink investment in just a few months.

A special mention: If you bring Sam Richter on board to keynote your organization's event, we might significantly reduce, or even waive, these fees. This presents a dual advantage: A captivating address by a Hall of Fame speaker and the simultaneous launch of for your members. It's a combination of world-class presentation and unparalleled member value.

How much technical work is there for us to integrate into our association website?

Integrating is a breeze! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Add a dedicated page within the membership section of your website (protected by username and password).

  2. Embed an iFrame on this page.

  3. Insert a single line of code we provide into the iFrame. Voilà!

The beauty of this setup? Whenever we enhance your custom application or introduce new features, your platform gets automatically updated. No extra effort is required on your part.

Do you provide training so our members get the most out of our custom resource?

Absolutely! Our commitment goes beyond just offering a tool; we're dedicated to ensuring your members harness' full potential. Here's how:

  • Webinars: We conduct both live and recorded webinars tailored for your members to dive deep into the capabilities of SearchLink.

  • Exclusive Presentations: Elevate your conferences with keynote addresses and interactive workshops by Professional Speaker Hall of Fame inductee and bestselling author, Sam Richter.

  • Our Philosophy: A product's true value shines when users fully understand it. Recognizing this, we prioritize training as a key component of our offering, ensuring that your members can seamlessly adopt and leverage this new technology.

Curious about our training approach? Check out a sample webinar conducted for the Electronics Representatives Association.

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